Judy Hobson

Property Management Administrator


Judy has over 12 years experience in the real estate field as a Property Management Administrator where she assists the Head of Property Management and works closely with operational staff.  Her aim is to assist the department in running smoothly at all times while maintaining a good rapport with the team and other office staff.

Prior to this, Judy worked for 14 years in a property valuation company in Sydney’s west.  Judy and her husband moved to Braidwood from Sydney in 2008, fully aware her career would take her into Canberra where she pursued a position in the real estate industry.

Dedication, commitment, teamwork and positive communication with clients and staff alike are her strong traits.  She also likes to be involved in new projects, staff events and fundraising efforts within the office.

Weekends are spent enjoying the tranquillity of their 100 acre property in Braidwood or visiting their children, family and close friends in Sydney.